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shoot it

Engaging copy, dynamic visuals and captivating audio unite to create meaningful experiences for your audience. Our world-class creative team will discover your unique voice and amplify your ad placements above the noise.

show it

Top-of-the-funnel marketing, creating brand awareness and reaching your target audience as they watch TV, browse the web and use apps. We also support cross-channel and down funnel marketing strategies amplifying your media buys.

sell it

We distribute your ads across platforms regularly accessed by consumers then track success via immersive analytics:

  • Second-by-second Retention Graphs

  • A/B Testing

  • Events Listing

  • and More


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  • Thousands a month for access to ONE Local Network during off-peak hours

  • Sub-optimal Time Slots and Program Placements

  • Minuscule Analytical Feedback

  • Irrelevant Consumer Viewership

  • RED TAPE: Limiting Flexibility in Replacing Ineffective Ads

  • Access to Thousands of Premium Networks, Apps, Devices and Websites including Facebook and YouTube

  • Customizable time of day windows for your audiences

  • In Depth Analysis and Feedback

  • Highly Qualified Consumer Views

  • A Dedicated Account Executive Offering Connectivity and Responsiveness Allowing You to Instantly Pull and/or Replace Ads as Needed for Optimal Performance


We provide you access to over 98% of programmatic audiences worldwide. You're no longer limited by the "big-budget" requirements of media buys or limited by the walled gardens of Facebook and YouTube, blast your videos and banners and reach the right customer wherever they are streaming and online.


Intelligently win placements when and where it counts. Leverage hyper-targeting, intelligent bid styles, and leverage our access to key partnerships and exclusive content to find relevant consumers anywhere.

TyDef Logo Black Green.png